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Full range planar driver 72"x10"

Ribbon tweeter 72"x1/2"

4 ohms

92 db

40hz - 30khz

Optional active sub woofer 60hz - 15hz

Available in custom color choices

GTAW speakers will meet all your expectations for critical music listening.

These speakers will perform equally well in a 2-channel audiophile setup as well as home theater main speakers.

They will perform well with modest equipment, but will bring out the best of a full on high end system.

GTAW speakers sound satisfying from any seat in the room, or outside the room for that matter!

Critical listening from your favorite sweet spot, you will find that they produce a full, tall, wide, dynamic, transparent and cohesive sound. Treble is all there and accurate, but does not stand out as some ribbons can do. Mids have a nice tonality and have been described as "very engaging."

GTAwspeakers are designed to be very live sounding, with dynamic contrasts and toe tapping ability. No heavily processed sound that on first listen sounds impressive, but after extended listening you realize the musical tapestry all seems to blend together without the excitement that defines live music.

My full range planar uses no xovers or filters of any kind. This direct connection to the driving amp is the only way to produce a highly resolving and emotionally satisfying transducer.

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