COME VISIT US AT CAPITAL AUDIOfEST                                            2016 

      We will be in Rm. 242 along with Paradox Pulse           electronics and Hollis Audio Labs
        Bring your favorite music on CD's,  flash drive             or hard drive.
                We will be debuting a new statement speaker model 
                 at CAF 2016.
                The new GTA3 R
                A full range 78" tall planar/ribbon panel 
                       with  powered  outboard subwoofers.   
                Pictures to come soon.
                This speaker will be the first of the new series
                with  the  GTA1 R and the GTA2 R , to be available                                   soon after we  return from CAF  2016.

                                                                       GTA 2.5 in Bubinga

It is our goal to provide you with a loudspeaker that will meet all your expectations for sound quality and beauty to enhance your living area. 

What sets GT Audio Works apart from the competition ?

We don't use off the shelf planar and ribbon drivers. 
Our drivers are designed and manufactured in house.
We use high energy rare earth neodymium magnets, for higher sensitivity and dynamic capability that exceeds common inexpensive creamic magnets.
The planar panel is designed to operate full range
It has no xover components, it is wired directly to the amp for the most transparent and resolving response.
The ribbon tweeter is a true ribbon. 
Not a planar or quasi ribbon.
A true ribbon is much more adept at translating all the subtleties of the music and producing an effortless soundstage.

We handcraft each speaker pair to order.
GTAW speakers can be ordered in a variety of woods and colors.
We have a number of cost and size options, as well as active sub woofer configurations.

We have a low overhead, efficient operation.
No dealers or big factories with high manufacturing costs. The majority of your investment goes into producing a top notch speaker. 

We build speakers to reproduce the dynamic contrasts of music.
Weather you are listening at LOUD levels, or listening late at night very softly. These speakers will articulate all the nuance of a performance without getting lost in the mix. 

Come hear the GTA 2.5 speakers for yourself.
Audio shows are fun, and while they can give a prospective buyer a general idea how a speaker will sound. Show enviornments are not ideal for critical listening. You are always welcome to come to my home for a proper demo
Spend all the time you need in my listening room to make a stress free decision with no distractions.
Bring your music, bring any equipment you like.

                     AV Showrooms Gold Show Award CAF 2015

Best of Show review from Home Theater Shack 
GTA 2.5 with Paradox Pulse electronics and cable

                        Our Setup at CAF 2015
            Wood is Bubinga front with Curly maple sides and inlay
                           System consisted of Paradox Pulse electronioics, wire and cable

Please feel free to call anytime to discuss details, or to schedule a listening appointment at my home.

We are located in Stockholm, NJ 07460


phone: 973 945 1585 

We're sure you'll be happy working with us. 
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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